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Posted By: Jeri
07-Nov-00 - 09:16 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Shine Like a Diamond
Subject: Shine Like a Diamond
For what it's worth, here's a song I wrote.

Shine Like a Diamond
(c)2000, Jeri Corlew

I found a stone my mother kept
When I went through her things
There among the jewelry
The necklaces and rings
It was ordinary, dull and gray
It was nothing rare or fine
But if I held it in the sunlight, it could shine

You can shine like a diamond
Or the dew upon the land
When the morning comes and all the world
Is bright and new again
You can welcome in the sunlight
You can send it back and find
That like a precious diamond, you can shine.

A gift you give of friendship
Another's heart to touch
To you, it's just a simple thing
To you may not mean much
But in the moment of the giving
You are loving, you are kind
And like a precious diamond, then you shine

There is too much in this world
Of darkness and despair
Some people become shadows
And some folks just don't care
But if we look for those who give off light
They are never hard to find
Because like precious diamonds, they shine

Like my mother's stone, we're common
We're really quite the same
There's not much that makes us different
Not our money nor our name
But we can all be precious
And here's the one true sign
When we find the light within ourselves, we shine