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07-Nov-00 - 09:29 AM
Thread Name: BS: Abortion: Here we go PART 2
Subject: RE: BS: Abortion: Here we go PART 2
Oh oh oh Troll! Thanks for the laugh! Yeah, I'm pretty sick of parents who don't parent, and then wonder what happened to their kids.

Kimmers, you say some good stuff, but none of it really has to do with abortion. You're talking, after all, about those women who chose to keep their children. Your suggestion to implement some sort of "forced contraception" scares me though...I understand that there are people that have sex (and therefore children) irresponsibly, but do you think infringing on their human rights as well is a good idea? Who would decide which people deserved to have or not have their fertility? Isn't that opening the door for myriads of small injustices?

(I can just imagine some official deciding that 4 children was enough and denying my mother the right to have me.)

The very thought of that kind of forced control makes me shiver.

Once again, more to say, but not enough time to finish saying it. I'll be back.