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Posted By: sophocleese
07-Nov-00 - 09:48 AM
Thread Name: Proper Music?
Subject: RE: Proper Music?
Don't worry about proper music in Britain being European Classical music. A few years ago my brother, living in Germany, got a kick out of being a Canadian playing English Lute music in a show on German Culture.

Evolving notation systems have certainly had an effect on music, just as increased literacy has had an effect on storytelling. Storytelling where the heart of the story, not just the words, are passed on is enjoying a modest revival, but I don't want to throw out Jane Austen yet (although there are some authors that I would). Classical Western music is often more intricate than folk, that is part of its appeal and its difficulty. A few years ago I was singing in a choir and we performed Healey Willan's requiem. Its not an easy piece to do but when we finally got it all together it sounded gorgeous and I had a real sense of accomplishment from having learned my part. We cannot all be blessed with as keen and discerning ear as Mozart, I am glad that he wrote his music out and therefore others have been able to play it so I can hear it. At the moment I am listening to a CD called Baroque Banquet featuring the exquisite trumpet playing of Stuart Laughton with other musicians. Some of the pieces are beautiful and can move me to tears. Without notation they would be lost now.

CBC Radio 2(I think) plays a lot of classical music. There is only one other radio station that I know of, CJRT, that plays a similar amount of classical. CJRT also used to play folk music on Saturdays. I can't get it in Orillia where I am now but loved to hear it at work when I lived in Hamilton. For me CBC Radio is a life saver in a desert of top forty or country music stations. CBC also plays various kinds of folk music in different programs. Hell they even play Rick Fielding now and again.