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Posted By: mikesamwild
13-Jun-12 - 05:08 AM
Thread Name: A.L. Lloyd biography - help needed
Subject: RE: A.L. Lloyd biography - help needed
Got my copy recently having paid up front years ago! Worth the wait. Good work from dave it must have been a hard edit!

I grew up with the CPGB in the post war period and it was interesting to see the wide connections in Bert's compartmentalised life. He had a lot of contacts with working people who respected him but as was the case didn't write about their lives as much as the 'intellectuals' We will only glean more as their oral histories come out , often when retired, and then only patchily

Nowadays tweaking of songs and tunes is perfectly acceptable and we should be grateful for Sovay, Recruited Collier, Blackwaterside, Jack Orion, Tam Lin etc etc.

Now we have wider access to information people are less prone to claiming phony 'informants' and also romanticising their own biographies and experiences.