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Posted By: Little Hawk
07-Nov-00 - 11:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: Paganism: an exploration
Subject: RE: BS: Paganism: an exploration
Excellent stuff on this thread. Bravo!

Paganism is quite similar to American Indian religions in that it draws its inspiration mainly from the world of Nature, the phenomena of earth and sky, fire and water, and all the living creatures and natural energies therein.

Mother Nature is the great female, the life-giver, the birth mother to all of us. Our present technological civilzation has committed great offences against that Mother, continuing a trend that has been typical of the patriarchal era which began several thousand years ago.

Taoism also reveres the female aspect in Nature, and draws inspiration from it. Female, like water, flows effortlessly around all obstacles, is flexible, and endures. The male aspect is rigid, inflexible, and easily breaks itself upon an obstacle, despite seeming very strong on the outside. Male seeks glory and conquest. Female seeks harmony and unity. (Which doesn't mean that all female individuals do, however...women can harness male energy just as powerfully as men if they choose to...and vice versa.)

It is curious that the Christ figure of the western Indian peoples is a woman, White Buffalo Calf Woman, and that they did not embrace concepts such as "original sin", nor did they see sex in "dirty" terms.

I thoroughly appreciate Wicca, and indeed any faith that honours Nature and honours the Goddess. Stand Her beside the God of Sun, Sky and Energy, and you have the whole cosmos in a great harmony. May it be so. Blessed Be.

- LH