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Posted By: greg stephens
18-Jun-12 - 12:47 PM
Thread Name: Are most composers smokers?
Subject: RE: Are most composers smokers?
well most significant songwriters and composers smoked, and probably a greater proportion of them did than in the population at large. That would be skewed by most of the composers historically being men,who also smoked more, quite apart from the fact that musicians tend to be a bit of a wild bunch anyway (ignoring the modern phenomenon of the schoolteachers who write folk(?)songs about the old days etc).Certainly the key composers of recent years were smokers, Macartney Lennon etc etc etc. The interesting statistic will be what goes on from now on, as the proportion of smokers tails off. Are a whole new bunch of clean living composers arising? We shall find out.
I have written a great deal of music professionally, though none of it of any great significance in the broad sweep of cultural history. But to analyse that smal sample of one, I wrote a great deal more music when I was a compulsive smkoer than after I gave up. But that's probably an age things, your creative impulses dry up(or change, as I would prefer to put it).
How about drink, then??