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Posted By: Lena
08-Nov-00 - 05:04 AM
Thread Name: Proper Music?
Subject: RE: Proper Music?
'Na doni, a lu'spunta'du suli
Aja vistu 'na dunni,
Putenzia delli Dii,Putenzia delli Di'
Putenzia delli Dii quannéra granni

(tarantella del Gargano) The girl with the southern Italy mountains song-actually,this is some sort of 2500 years old rap.Thanks for minding about us many unenglish and unceltic.

As for harmony.For my birthday I was given a cd of vocal music from Corsica and Sardinia.Recorded on it,there are some amazing samples of a chant working on harmonics(crazy,crazy,incredible harmonics for four voices)(Poppa Peter Gabriel released a cd about Tenores di Bitti some time ago.GET IT.).That chant it's believed to be the song of the world,the notes and combinations that shaped our earth hill by hill,fish by fish,colour by colour.And once asserted the very old age of such a folk music,I must repeat that the harmonies in there opened to me a landscape of sounds that I couldn't have a clue about(I used to think Ravel to be the umbeatable wizard of rendering feelings through harmony...).Just to say that I agree about harmony being firstly a flok