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Posted By: GUEST,Claire M
21-Jun-12 - 10:23 AM
Thread Name: songs about disabilities
Subject: RE: songs about disabilities

I have cp too. I think mine would be called severe. My life IS very difficult. That's how I got into the music I did; the nightly physio was so painful that music was the only thing that took my mind off it. I love blues too and I'm forever making up my own songs.

One of the worst things – of which there are many – is having to spend time with carers you don't really like, and have nothing in common with -– yet you've still got to be around each other. It gets really draining. They often have no interest in anything (and don't want to have any), and then they ask ME what I do all day! To them things that aren't physical = nothing.

One of the best things was when Maddy Prior – the carers said "WHO??" -- asked what was wrong post-gig and was really cross on my behalf, she seemed to be impressed I managed to "stay jolly" (her words, not mine) I floated home.
In my short stories, the characters do not get rid of their disabilities (that's just silly) but they find a different way to think of them.