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Posted By: Little Hawk
08-Nov-00 - 11:31 AM
Thread Name: BS: Abortion: Here we go PART 2
Subject: RE: BS: Abortion: Here we go PART 2
Abortion is nobody's business except that of the woman concerned. Period. I do not believe it's a decision that MOST women would take lightly either, because most women have a strong mothering instinct. Any government that tries to tell a woman what she can or cannot do about it is treading where it has no business to go.

As for God, if ANYTHING was against God's will, it simply could not and would not happen. That is the defining characteristic of a being who is all-powerful. Chew on that. God doesn't judge, demand, require, or condemn anything. People do, and they imagine God to be like themselves. God simply loves, provides, loves, and is.

For a more detailed explanation of the books "Conversations With God" (volume 1, 2, & 3), "Friendship With God", and "Communion With God". You can find them in any good book store these days.