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Posted By: JohnInKansas
07-Jul-12 - 10:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: Watermelon: Salt or Sugar?
Subject: RE: BS: Watermelon: Salt or Sugar?
While it may be just leaping to conclusions that aren't firmly in evidence, it would appear that some here have different views of "how to eat watermelon."

It's fairly common now to find little bits of watermelon mixed in with other "fruits" in what amounts to "fruit salad," or small chunks on a tray as "appetizers" and even little "cubelets" sliced up on a plate; and fairly exotic enhancements might be more appropriate there. You've already desecrated the bounty, so it won't matter much what else you do to it.

Messin' with it that way seems sort of "sissified" to those of us who live where the things grow; but we don't talk much 'bout bein' sympathetic for those who don't know better.

In my parts, when we "eat watermelon" it means squat down and put at least a quarter of a 15 (or 30) pound melon between your knees, and attack it with a fork until nothing but pale green rind is left. (The only reason for cutting it at all is to make a place to get the fork in where you'll be able to reach it all.) Rinse yer britches a bit if you had some "spillage," or just walk around 'till yer ready fer another hunk.

I don't recall anyone in my family eating a watermelon indoors 'till after I was 'bout 30 years old or so and lived in a third floor apartment for a while. (We weren't too well acquainted with the neighbors downstairs, and were a bit concerned about the flying seeds.)

Someone did mention cantalopes (muskmelons, or "mushmellons" in local vernacular). I find a little bit of salt helps the flaver, but the important condiment is a goodly splatter of fairly course black pepper. Sets off the flavor 'bout right. A spoon works better for them, but about half a cantalope is usually plenty at one sitting.