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Posted By: Allan C.
09-Jul-12 - 05:30 PM
Thread Name: Recorded Square Dance Calls
Subject: Recorded Square Dance Calls
In the latter years of elementary school, on some of the days when playing outside wasn't possible due to bad weather, some other alternatives were presented. I remember learning "tumbling" which consisted mostly of learning how to fall without getting hurt. We also were taught such useful things as "the frog headstand" involving a tripod of head and hands. (I will admit to having demonstrated this once or twice after an appropriate number of drinks.) There were certain other gymnastics we were taught during such times, including the standing broad jump and even a bit of running high jump. However, though I enjoyed all of the above, a favorite was square dancing, most especially, The Virginia Reel for some reason I can't recall.

All of the dance "calls" were on records, usually 78rpm. There was one in particular that must have been played quite a bit because the whole thing came back to me a few days ago:

(To the tune of "O Johnny, O Johnny, O!")

Now you all join hands and you circle the ring.
Then you stop where you are. Give your honey a swing.
You swing that little gal behind you.
Then swing your own and you will find that she's not lonely.
Alamanda left with your corner gal and do-see-do your own
And now you all promenade with your sweet corner date
Singing: O Johnny, O Johnny, O!

Anyone remember any others?