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10-Jul-12 - 08:42 PM
Thread Name: Lloyd & MacColl's Sea Song LPs
Subject: RE: Lloyd & MacColl's Sea Song LPs
4. Blow Boys Blow (1957/58?)

The boys got more creative with this batch. Colcord, Doerflinger, Terry continue to be used as references, along with C Fox Smith (or a sources w/ duplicate info). These are the firm sources, while some communication with Hugill is again evident. So there is a broader pool they are drawing on to create their renditions. But it is not just a synthesis of various "authentic" sources; a bit is being made up, too.

Wild Goose Shanty
Perhaps inspired by both Terry's "Wild Goose" (Huckleberry Hunting) and "Bully Boat", but if so, lots was made up fresh. Lacks the American slant of the two (possible) source shanties.

Old Billy Riley
Seems based in a synthesis of C Fox Smith and Colcord, lyrics-wise. Yet Lloyd's melody doesn't appear in print; may have simply made it up.

South Australia
It's my opinion that he worked this up from Doerflinger and Colcord, changing much and creating in the process.

Blow Boys Blow
Earmarks of Hugill. There melodies don't match exactly, but neither does MacColl's melody match elsewhere. Perhaps oral version of Hugill was different (as it seems it probably often was).

Whup Jamboree
The melody is what's in Terry, but the lyrics are variation (made more saucy) of Hugill's "London" version. Performed as a forebitter.

Whiskey Johnny (Rise her up from down below)
Melody probably adapted from Doerflinger. Lyrics completely ignore the mysterious Afro-American "rise me up" theme of Doer and Hugill's versions, instead splicing on verses from the more common "Whiskey, Johnny."

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