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Posted By: Rapparee
13-Jul-12 - 08:57 PM
Thread Name: BS: 58% Say The Rich Deserve Their Wealth
Subject: RE: BS: 58% Say The Rich Deserve Their Wealth
IF someone (Bill Gates is an example) earns their money (and he did -- IBM screwed themselves) and then turns that money to helping others (which Gates has done) then I have no objections.

Yes, you can make money by knowing how to "work" money, such as what Warren Buffet has done. Once again, he has committed himself and his money to helping others.

I attended a talk by Bill Gates' father once. Bill Gates Sr. (the Microsoft founder is William H. Gates III) told of the founding of the Gates Foundation. Seems like Bill 3 decided that you can only use a certain amount of money and after that it's all he founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to use his money to help others; Buffet has made substantial contribution to the Gates Foundation.

Sounds reasonable to me. If you can pay your bills and have enough money to left to live on why not help others?