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Posted By: Gibb Sahib
13-Jul-12 - 09:17 PM
Thread Name: Lloyd & MacColl's Sea Song LPs
Subject: RE: Lloyd & MacColl's Sea Song LPs
Another indication that they were in contact with Hugill in 1954-55 may be the appearance of "Off to Sea Once More."

I don't believe it was published anywhere before that except by Doerflinger. His text is fragmentary and his tune is different.

SSS, however, has it complete with the well-known melody.

Good point. I haven't heard that Lloyd recording. I've heard a snippet of Lloyd's rendition on the mid-60s Leviathan! album, which should be a unique recording, however I don't know if he altered the rendition.

MacColl did the song on 1957's Thar She Blow's, and that one sounds to me distinctly Hugillian. That would be consistent with the by-1957 influence that seems evident elsewhere.

Paul Clayton had already recorded "Off to Sea Once More" before L/M -- on his circa 1954 "Whaling Songs" album. Well, I am supposing it came out before The Singing Sailor. Google turns up three reviews in 1955 publications, and I've not hear that one either, but it is said that for some songs on the album Clayton consulted whalers' logs.

Carpenter had published a text to song in 1931, and Gordon collected it, but those would have to bearing.