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Posted By: Janie
14-Jul-12 - 09:26 PM
Thread Name: BS:advice wanted re: people's comments
Subject: RE: BS:advice wanted re: people's comments
I apparently have not seen your other postings, Claire, so don't know what your circumstances are, and therefore have nothing to offer but questions.

Are you otherwise satisfied with your caregivers? Do you like them and believe they are interested in your well-being? I don't know how young you mean when you say "only young." Are they dissing your tastes in music, or are they attempting to encourage to get out and be more social within your generation in the best way they know how, even if it is not the best way for you?

Are you comfortable asserting your own tastes and opinions when others have different tastes and opinions?

Do you experience your caregivers as bullies in general? If not, do you experience yourself as being bullied by them on this one issue?

Do you experience them as caring but not understanding?

Do you fear retaliation if you disagree with them?

Are you comfortable expressing and asserting your own tastes and opinions in general?

Would it be good for you to find ways and venues to get out more? If so, how can you explore or learn about venues and social opportunities that are closer to your own tastes?

My initial impression from your opening post is you are speaking to one particular facet of your experience and relationship with your care givers, but I really can't assume that. If you experience your care givers as bullies, or as largely disempowering, obviously, as Crowhugger suggested, you can and should replace them.

Whatever your situation may be, you have my best regards and I hold you in my continued good thoughts and meditations.