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Posted By: stallion
16-Jul-12 - 07:49 PM
Thread Name: WARNING Scarborough Seafest
Subject: RE: WARNING Scarborough Seafest
Er Klondike Arts run it, searched their stuff and came up with the line up. The reason I assume that this was conjured up was that Richard, in all probability, thought it was business as usual and booked the acts for Scarborough, someone in Scarborough Council or Klondike Arts probably thought "Fuck me shanty's and folk music, can't be doing with that, i like heavy metal and grunge, I know take their budget off em, that fuck em over". So budget withdrawn Richard then felt a responsibility to the booked acts and hastily rearranged the gig at a different venue and, because the funds were withdrawn has to charge entry to cover the ex's of the performers. I think we stick together here, there has been an assault on the Sea music front, first Lancaster then Hull and now Scarborough. In an ideal world the musicians union would withdraw labour from the Scarborough substitute festival given the short notice given, what is required is solidarity here not carping.
OK where's the barricade?