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Posted By: GUEST,Banjiman
17-Jul-12 - 03:45 AM
Thread Name: WARNING Scarborough Seafest
Subject: RE: WARNING Scarborough Seafest
Stallion pretty much has it bang on. I can confirm that at least some of the acts (my other half anyway!) were booked for Scarborough Seafest.

Scarborough Council pulled the funding about 3 months ago (I can find the exact date if it is important) for the "folk" festival so the organiser (Richard Grainger) looked around for another venue.

This was finally confirmed a couple of months ago (again I can dig out the exact date if it is important).

I applaud Richard not just letting this die (that would have been easier) and finding a way of keeping it going. How many of those criticising actually put on events of this scale..... and would have put the effort in to keep this going?

Have a look at the programme again MoorleyMan..... everything going on in the vault has a participative element.

I get really fed up with the constant carping over positive developments...... the Folk21 thread is another good example. Come on people get behind those who are putting the effort in to make things happen....... or put the effort in to make something happen yourself.