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Posted By: Bobert
17-Jul-12 - 10:29 AM
Thread Name: BS: 58% Say The Rich Deserve Their Wealth
Subject: RE: BS: 58% Say The Rich Deserve Their Wealth
10-4, Greg... I used to live in Wes Ginny (20 years to be exact)in one of the mountain hollers... But really, you can go to almost any large urban area, North or South and find areas densely populated by poor people... It's not just a Southern thing, fir sure... And with 30 years of union busting it's happening more and more to middle class America from sea to polluted sea...

BTW, ya'll... Thanks to the US banking crash of '08, real estate values have dropped so much that the net per capita wealth of Canadians has surpassed those of citizens here in the US... And so Romney thinks we need less regs on our banks??? Mentally ill man...