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Posted By: GUEST,Helen
17-Jul-12 - 12:15 PM
Thread Name: WARNING Scarborough Seafest
Subject: RE: WARNING Scarborough Seafest
Mmm - facebook V mudcat. Actually, I check FB 2 or 3 times a day and like the fact that it's easy to up load photos and videos, which attract attention, rather than just links. Mudcat, on the otherhand, has slipped to a 'once a week' or maybe even less frequent, activity for me.

Many of my friends (folkie and non-folkie) and almost all businesses and organisations have a FB presence, which means that a lot of people are on a lot of the time, and by looking at items that your friends or friends-of-friends have viewed/commented on you tend to hear about a lot more things than just specialist folk events. Mudcat, on the otherhand, whilst of interest to dedicated folkies, has less relevance for the rest of the world, and items advertised on here are therefore far less likely to attract the 'general public'. Quick check on FB reveals 164 'likes'for this weekend's festival. If even half of those people are coming, the Resolution will be pretty full, and it will provide a very good foundation for taking the festival forward and into the rest of the town next year.

Agreed - FB and Mudcat are not mutually exclusive. In an ideal world everything I like would be flashed up everywhere I check into. But I do think that a lot of people will have seen correspondence concerning this weekend through the FB page, and through the KFA pages, and those presences are eyecatching and interactive.