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Posted By: Arthur_itus
21-Jul-12 - 05:26 AM
Thread Name: WARNING Scarborough Seafest
Subject: RE: WARNING Scarborough Seafest
You guys have mentioned Facebook and Mudcat, wjhich I use for promo, but I also use Twitter. It is a brilliant way of advertising events, by linking to a website. What I find really good about it, is that you can follow, big name people and then ask them to rewteet your post. If any of those people rewteet, your post, you are advertising to a huge audience.
Apart from that, if you don't put posters up and inform the press etc, then that definately is not good.
However, if a festival, moves it's location, through no fault of their own, this can have a disastrous impact in that year. But, if it is good, then people will look at next year.
For this year, the only thing the organisers can do is get the word out and hope that they get a good attendance.
Facebook is definately the best way to get the message out, as there are so many people who love folk and have a facebook account. If each person advertises the evnt on their site, then all their hundreds of friends get to see it and hopefully, they share it, so all their friends get to see it.
I don't think Mudcat can ever achieve that level of promotion. Many people I know, hardly post on Mudcat anymore. I used to be on Mudcat every day, but not anymore.
I just had a quick scan down this thread and did not see what dates this festival is and also is their a website with all the details? I am cetainly willing to put that on my facebooka account and Twitter account.