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Posted By: Azizi
22-Jul-12 - 09:55 AM
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A Guest's query about this song on another thread sparked my interest in this song. As a result, I published a post on my cultural blog about "One Solja Man". Here's a link to that post: Caribbean Song "One Solja Man"

That post includes a video of the song "One Solja Man". Here are my comments about that song with a hat tip to Q for his posting of those lyrics on this thread from the 1951 book by

The composer of this old Caribbean song is unknown. I believe "One Solja Man" is a Mento from Jamaica.

With regard to the words "no tear i jeremiah" found in the song "One Solja Man" song as found in that 1951 book Folk Songs of Jamaica edited by Tom Murray, Oxford University Press:

I believe "no tear i" means "don't wheel & turn me [spin me around] so fast [or "too fast"] or I might fall on the dance floor*.

A subsequent verse of that song refers to the Caribbean dance movement of "wheel and turn" and I believe that "tear" is another way of referring to that fast spinning around movement....

*I've given "tambourina" the general translation of "dance floor" instead of the specific translation of the musical instrument "tamborine".

That said, it's also my position that the "no tear I Jeremiah" lyrics are an adaptation - albeit for a different purpose and with a different meaning- of the words of Jeremiah 9, verses 1-18.   
Here are two verses from that chapter:

Jeremiah 9:1 - 1 "Oh, that my eyes were a fountain of tears; I would weep forever! I would sob day and night for all my people who have been slaughtered"

Jeremiah 9:18 - 18 "Quick! Begin your weeping! Let the tears flow from your eyes"

Because of those verses and other verses in that book of the Bible, "Jeremiah" is now known as the "weeping prophet".

By the way, I found those verses and other verses of Jeremiah 9 to be particularly poignant in the context of the horrific massacre of movie attendees that occurred on July 20, 2012 in Aurora, Colorado.

Click President Obama's Comments "The Dark Knight Rises" Shooting Aurora Colorado (Video & Transcript) for a post on my cultural blog about that massacre.

Best wishes,

Azizi Powell