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Posted By: hesperis
10-Nov-00 - 12:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: Paganism: an exploration
Subject: RE: BS: Paganism: an exploration
Many great responses.

I am always confused about the Burning Times and the real practices from before Christianity, and even from before the early part of last century!

There is evidence, however, that before the patriarchal societies, a culture thrived with the Mother Goddess being the Creator of All. That women had rights of property and respect, and that it was womankind, not specifically 'man', that invented all the technologies that enabled civilization, such as agriculture, writing, and the wheel.

Definitely, a lot of modern paganism has ideals similar to New Age philosophies. The 'Harm None' of Wicca could be a very modern addition to the religion.

This is partly why I started this thread, to discuss and find out more about my own religion.

Thanks for keeping it civil, as well.