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Posted By: GUEST,Lizzie Cornish
25-Jul-12 - 06:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: Anyone complaining about the UK heat?
Subject: RE: BS: Anyone complaining about the UK heat?
It's fecking awful here in Torquay...Hot enough to burn you in an instant...My dogs are deeply unhappy, and even now, at midnight, they're panting away..

Yes, it's nice to see the sun...
No, it's too bloody hot!!

Yes, we should all be DEEPLY concerned
No, we won't be because people are in total denial....

I should imagine the crops are taking a real battering, yet again, as their leaves start to burn and frazzle in this....

And my heart goes out to those in Kuwait who do not have air-conditioning, some of whom, no doubt, will die from heat like that..

Bring back the rain...I'm far happier when there is an abundance of water..and crops can be grown under cover, but if the heat is SO HIGH as it is at present, they're going to sizzle..

Still, not to worry, for Brazil's president, with a small 'p' is already building the third biggest dam in the world, Belo Monte, in the Amazon Rainforest...with another 59 planned shortly..let alone her relaxing of the Forest Code..

But at least we'll all get a nice tan, eh?