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Posted By: Claire M
03-Aug-12 - 02:08 PM
Thread Name: BS:advice wanted re: people's comments
Subject: RE: BS:advice wanted re: people's comments

It was because of criticism of my/our way of life as well, not just music, which I could've coped with fine. I've been told I'm moody, I don't know how to have a conversation (I'd just been given some bad news, which one kept referring to) I don't look forward to anything (that clearly isn't true), & I just couldn't cope with it any more.

I can find a common ground with most people but not people like said carers. We've a running joke that my carers are cloned, like in Dr. Who; they all seem to have the same interests (ie none), same hang-ups with food (lecturing me on diet while eating nothing themselves) & tell me exactly the same things (that I've no interests/hobbies) etc. Thank god they've gone.

I personally prefer having male carers because they don't do that but they aren't allowed.

There is one folk club but it's a real struggle to get my wheelchair in the pub where it's held, & I think it's for musicians. I can't play an instrument so I was a member of a disabled musicians' group for a while – we even did a concert – but it closed.