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Posted By: YorkshireYankee
04-Aug-12 - 03:55 PM
Thread Name: BS:advice wanted re: people's comments
Subject: RE: BS:advice wanted re: people's comments
Hi again, Claire -- well done on becoming a member, and welcome to Mudcat!

Very pleased to hear you've got new carers; hope they are more... well, caring than the last two!

Especially if the folk club near you is "for musicians", how do-able would it be to try to start up a singaround or a singers' club yourself? (I think you're actually in a better situation than if the folk club near you was for singers; if it was, it would prolly be much tougher to try to start something up when something like it already exists.)

Then you could pick a venue that is near you and has good access as well. Do you know other folks who enjoy singing and might attend? Do you know if there are many other folkies in your area who also enjoy singing? Perhaps the folk club you went to would be willing to help you publicise your new club (as long as it wasn't on the same evening). Depending on where you are, putting something about it on Mudcat could help get people there, as well.

Do you have a friend who might be willing to help organise/run it with you? Is this something your carers might be able to help with?

Sometimes, if you can't find what you want, the thing to do is create it yourself. Chances are you're not the only one who would be interested. Just a thought...

Good luck!