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Posted By: Jim Carroll
08-Aug-12 - 03:04 AM
Thread Name: Peggy Seeger on BBC
Subject: RE: Peggy Seeger on BBC R4's 'Loose Ends'
"Many of these admittedly not to your taste."
Most of which are to my taste and were very much a part of my formative years in folk. Most of the guests you mention were booked before the deparure of Ewan and Peggy, Dominic was one of the residents at The Singers when I visited it in Red Lion Square . I have to admit I know very little about The Ballads and Blues after they left, which I believe was caused by a difference in policy.
I really believe an objective half decent history of the revival written by somebody who wasn't involved, is sorely needed. I find Mike Brocken's efforts a somewhat sad exercise in axe-grinding - not necessarily by the author, rather by many of the interviewees.
You're right of course - this isn't, or shouldn't be about the superiority of one club over the other - that tends to be a matter of personal taste rather than the best way to promote tradititional songs, It should be about how it got where it is now and where it goes from here - but that's a different can of worms.
Jim Carroll