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Posted By: Banjer
12-Nov-00 - 05:35 AM
Thread Name: WWII Memorial, finally!
Subject: WWII Memorial, finally!
I watched the groundbreaking ceramony for the World War II Memorial on CNN last night. I am glad to see that my Dad and so many others are finally getting the recognition they so richly deserve. While I was watching and listening to all the pompous asses at the podium I couldn't help but wonder, 'Why did it take 55 years to reach this point?' Did it take that long for us as a nation to decide that maybe there should be a monument to those that gave us so much? Yes, I know, the idea was first presented in 1987, which makes it really only 42 years before someone thought that we should do something. Sad state of affairs....While I have the soapbox out, let me opine about the stupidity of changing national holidays to suit our needs. Veterans Day, November 11 was celebrated in our town on November 10th. Since the Armistice was signed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, hence making November 11th the official day of remembrance, what right do we have to change that day to the 10th? I think that is very disrespectful to those that sacrificed so much for their country. What's next, Fourth of July will be celebrated on the 7th, since the 4th is a Tuesday and we want three day weekend. Or how about celebrating New Years day on the 3rd of January. Hell, why stop there? Let's move all the holidays to the same month and take a week or two off...!

Thank you...soapbox put away...rant off