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Posted By: Roger in Sheffield
12-Nov-00 - 07:28 AM
Thread Name: Proper Music?
Subject: RE: Proper Music?
Shambles just directed me here from another thread
I like 'bits' of all kinds of music and sometimes the boundries are blurred
I object to only having media access to a broadband of music/singing at short periods during the week, I think julie mentioned the BBC TV program "Later" which has the guts to feature people like Taj Mahal along pop acts. Unfortunately the hour long Mike Harding Folk show on BBC radio 2 does not include the african music that was found on the recently axed Radio 1 Kershaw program, it is far more english/irish based
During the daytime I have a radio choice of many Commercial pop stations or radio 1 (almost same output but paid for by the public), radio 2 (pop music of yesteryear),radio 3 (classical music),radio 4 (discussion,news,book readings)
So I feel left out, I don't mind pop music music not even eminem, but why is that all I can have? New pop, old pop or classical are the only music radio choices during daytime. I end up listening to Radio 4 and I know have an extensive knowledge of June Whitfields career and the life of the author of harry potter!
I need a varied musical diet - give me pop by all means but could I have some funk, blues, dub, folk, soul, metal, rock, jazz, classical etc.
I think the same is true of learning music, I found many teachers willing to teach classical flute but not one who would teach me to play the flute in the exciting styles I had heard 'folk' performers play. I started off with great enthusiasm and slowly the classical tunes I was given to play began to kill the fire that had made me want to learn in the first place. Luckily I found a teaching video! from this I learned that improvisation can be fun. I have given up th flute lessons and thrown off the classical chains that bound me - though I still love playing some classical pieces - now I am free to try anything and have £10 a week more to spend on BEER!
I have sympathy with the orchestra Julie, and I would love to hear it so send some details
When I was at school all that was on offer to play were orchestral instruments in a classical style, how many more of us would have been hooked then if we had the chance to try a Bodhran or tin whistle and join in playing a punchy jig rather than Away in a Manger?