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Posted By: InOBU
12-Nov-00 - 08:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: A Day of Absence for Democracy
Hi Doug: So far there have been numerous instances of first hand accounts of irregularities in Florida directed at potential democratic voters. I have heard of one case where a Republican was turned away from the poles in - I believe it was Michigan. I believe that in a case where the outcome is likely to be changed by investigation of fraud or other unfair voting practices, or missleading ballots - intentional or otherwise - resulting in an election which does not represent the will of the people, then there should be, and in the case of Florida, case law dictates, that appropriate remidies be taken. If that can be applied in states where Gore took the electorial votes, so be it, especialy in a close election. This is not a football game, this is the gravest right we as Americans exersize, the right to choose our leaders. Bush should realize the votes aren't his or Gore's they belong to the American people - and should be treated with reverence and care.