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Posted By: Thomas the Rhymer
12-Nov-00 - 11:52 PM
Thread Name: BS: A Day of Absence for Democracy
My goodness, but you are a scrapper, Doug!!!!

My thoughts:

Florida's Bush, If I remember right, was a biggy in the S&L fraud.

On FOX TV, in a pannel discussion, one of the participants mentioned soulfully that "many people are wondering why this is happening in GW's brother's state..." and was interrupted, fillibustered, cut off and and ignored, until he could 'clarify' his 'agreement with some vague point he had in common with the republican MC.

Florida is synonymous with corruption in politics.

I do not believe, as so many have been saying, that Gore should admit defeat, ie. conceed. If corruption is suspected, we need to set a precedence for ZERO tollerance, not just turn a deaf ear towards it. Those of us that vote feel SOME affection for our system of government, and every effort should be made to get their votes right.

Bush is attempting a 'Coup de'tat', plain and simple.

My inner-most feeling is: He is trying to rush this through, and he is willing to use intimidation, a little because he might lose BUT MOSTLY he is afraid that he might get caught.

IMHO, republicans are trying to wrest the outcome from the hands of due process, and they are showing absolutely no grace, consideration, or HONORABILITY

This little close-up of Bush's "CHARACTER" is sending our fine nation to hell in a handbasket. I pray that he might come to his senses before we find ourselves "over the hill"

All the best from a Nader supporter, ttr