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Posted By: Jim Carroll
26-Aug-12 - 05:41 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: No Irish Need Apply
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: No Irish Need Apply
"either you've stopped drinking in pubs or perhaps they're not really as common (now) as you've claimed"
Moved to Ireland in 1998 where Travelling life is as I described above - on ethnic cleansing levels.
2005 was the last time I worked with Travellers in England - since then only a couple of short visits to central London.
When I lived in Manchester I saw a crowd of Travellers including piper Felix Doran, thrown out of a pub in Chorlton-Cum-Hardy.
Don't believe me that they're common - take the word of experts.
'˜No Travellers'™ signs, used intentionally to exclude Gypsies and Travellers, are still widespread, indicating that discrimination against these groups remains the last '˜respectable'™ form ofracism in the United Kingdom." (from above report)
Don't know which particular brand of 'left' you are, but it's always been my experience that the left in general have always been ignorant of racist Traveller abuse.
If neither of you have to anything to refute these facts apart from the somewhat braindead "I've never seen it" - for the sake of this thread - leave it.
Jim Carroll