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Posted By: Jim Carroll
26-Aug-12 - 08:14 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: No Irish Need Apply
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: No Irish Need Apply
"Nothing "braindead" about personal experience, Jim. You've used personal experience to back-up your own posts here"
THERE IS WHEN IT IS TO PROVE A NEGATIVE "I've never seen it" and when you use it to contradict documented research such as the of the Commission for Racial Equality.
My "experience" was interviewing Travellers over thirty years, the first ten of those virtually four nights a week, seeing the notices, being refused service in the pub because I was in their company, and being part of the activity of The London Roadside Travellers Group in photographing the notices and trying to get them removed.
WWhen the GLC existed, before Fscist Thatcher abolished it, Ken Livingstone met regularly with Travellers and worked with them - that stopped when it was abolished.
If you have anything other than "I've never seen them" feel free, otherwise you have no case.
I have not suggested that you have lied about not seeig them, can't say I took any notice of them before Travellers became an important part of our lives.
Incidently, the Oxford Library report on Traveller/settled relations describes them not only "widespread" but "commonplace".
I said I hadn't seen them in England because I don't visit England often (will be there next week), in which case, I have to rely on documaneted evidence.
My "braindead" remark was not so much aimed at you, who hasn't claimed the notices don't exist, but at Keith, who has calimed just that and once again attempts to mount an attack on yet another ethnic group.
Jim Carroll