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Posted By: Iona
29-Aug-12 - 02:52 PM
Thread Name: Removing barking with Audacity?
Subject: RE: Removing barking with Audacity?
Sorry for my delay in replying. This has been the busiest month I've had in
some time, and checking Mudcat kind of fell off the radar. :D

@MattK-- that's pretty much what I thought after toying with the audio for
an hour or two. ;)

@Grikshaw-- good idea, and certainly would reduce the dog sounds, but I'm
trying to save the Lassie recording because of who the singer is--and it
ain't me!

@Charles MacFarlane-- thanks for the thread link! That ought to help, if
not for this particular project, certainly for other old recordings I work
with (why can't all records be in pristine condition? It's rather annoying!

@Mr. Red-- I wish I could get better editing software, but Audacity will
have to bark it's way through this one. ;) The barks are definitely worse
than the bytes. Yes, indeed.

@Arkie-- I'm sorta kinda new to Audacity, not having used it for in-depth
edits like this before, but I think when I tried the Noise Removal tool it
didn't do much for me. That could mean that it's no good for this project,
or it could mean that I haven't the slightest clue how to use it. Maybe
(by the way, your name now has Doye O'Dells "Okies in Californy" stuck in my head, thanks)

@Amos-- Thanks! I'll have to look that program up.

@999-- Shoot the dog? Shoot Lassie?! Sacrilege! ;)

@Steve-- I will certainly see if they have a trial run. I'm dying to fix that awful barking--if not eliminate it, at least muffle it. But doing that and preserving the singing......*sigh*

@Stim-- I wish there WERE a different version! But the thing is that I'm trying to save this version because of who sang it (Ken Carson). I don't think that the original, non-dubbed recording exists. I tried writing to the Lassie organization, but they haven't replied.
The song I'm trying to fix is at the end of this program:

@CJB-- I'll ask them! Thanks so much!