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Posted By: treewind
29-Aug-12 - 04:05 PM
Thread Name: Removing barking with Audacity?
Subject: RE: Removing barking with Audacity?
You can't use the Audacity noise removal tool for this. It is designed for removing a constant background sound like AC hum, a whistle or hiss.

You might be able to target the individual barks and mute them or at least attenuate them so they are no louder than the wanted sound - this could be a slow and tedious process and the result won't sound great - instead of barking you'll have dropouts in the sound.

The spectrum of the dog barks is probably very similar to that of the music, so you can't do anything with a frequency selective filter.

The trick for removing vocals relies on having a stereo recording with the vocal panned dead centre and most of the backing on the right and left - you subtract L from R and get a rather weirdly balanced backing track with not much vocal in it, but it only works on recording that have been made that way, and I'll bet your old Lassie show is mono so no luck there.