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Posted By: Betsy
29-Aug-12 - 06:44 PM
Thread Name: Whitby 2012
Subject: RE: Whitby 2012
I think another off-putting problem this year for people trying to book accomodation from (say) a Saturday to a Saturday (which would appear make most sense) was that the Regattta and the associated Quay Side celebrations were still being held on the same Monday that the Festival started. The Regatta dates can't change because of the Tide tables. I understand (whether correctly or not) that Whitby Fest can't change dates to suit, at the risk of overlapping with other Festivals, but having said THAT there's not an awful lot of Monday > Friday Festivals to overlap.
As a person who didn't have a ticket....a mate and I who work during the week took a trip to Whitby on the Thursday looking to play some tunes.
At 2pm-ish we went in FILO - no one in, Elsinore which was mostly melodians and not really our cup of tea which is fair enough!, Middle Earth where there was a singaround which seemed to be well-organised ,but so well-attended that it would have taken a long time to get a spot.(I was driving around the venues by the way).We arrived at the Fleece where we started playing tunes and occasional song in the middle room getting the craic going. We and others who tried to sing eventually drowned-out from the front room who ere singing assorted Rugby songs,Delilah etc. The Middle room quickly became Country and Western oriented and song content a bit morose for us. Offski !!
We ended up at the Station,(in the room on the right),where there was a gathering of youngsters who as far as we could understand were from the Cotswolds (Morris Team?).They took their time to have a good look at us two oldies - I think they were wondering if we were going introduce some unrequited music. Anyway we must have done something right,and we proceeded to have a great session with them. They and several friends were most polite , and exceptional fiddlers both lads and lasses , a concertina player and the occasional song. We were later joined by a foursome of players two of which were clog dancers and being a wooden floor they proceeded to give it "rock all". As a couple of hours or more had now elapsed, and getting-on for 7.00 pm, the call of Cod and Chips tea bread and butter was irresistible.
All this time I understand we should have been in the Black Horse where there was a good craic but couldn't get parked.
Anyway to paraphrase, " Didn't we have a lovely time - the time we went.........