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Posted By: musicmick
31-Aug-12 - 05:56 PM
Thread Name: CD Reviewer accepting Trad entries
Subject: RE: CD Reviewer accepting Trad entries
If I were giving undue favorable reviews, you might (Mind, I said. "might") have a point. I only review the Cds I like so I never face a difficult thumbs up or down decision. Why on earth, should I start reviewing CDs I dislike, CDs that will be unaffected by my dismissal?
I excuse the "artists" who would rather have a scathing review than no review at all. I excuse them but I don't abet them. If constructive criticism is their holy grail, they should find a scholarly journal to give them the punushment they crave. I have been in the recording business for decades. I have produced, fronted and sided on dozens of sessions and I have been paid for all my efforts.
Recording may be art but artistic recording is rarely profitable and I was in it for the money. So were the people who paid me. I am proud to say that the projects I worked on were, to varying degrees, successful. When one does this for a living, success is its own reward. When G.B.Shaw was taking his bows after the first performance of one of his plays, the applause was interrupted by a lone dissenter, who booed loudly. Shaw turned to his critic and said, "Sir, I agree with you but who are we to argue with all these good people?"