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Posted By: GUEST,Charles Macfarlane
01-Sep-12 - 08:13 AM
Thread Name: Paul Simon BBC4 last night
Subject: RE: Paul Simon BBC4 last night
> From: theleveller
> I enjoyed the programme but, having lived in (and been thrown out of) South Africa in the mid-70s, I know that the political situation was much more complex than was shown.

Doubtless. TV today is always a very simplistic medium which shies away from trying to present faithfully life's complexities.

> Although Paul Simon may have had the best of intentions, he did not understand what was happening in the country and could have put the musicians in grave danger both from the SA authorities and from ANC supporters who were 'necklacing' people who they thought were not supporting the struggle.

IIRC, 'necklacing' was putting an old car tyre filled with petrol around their necks and setting fire to it! An appalling thing to do to anyone, whoever the victim, and whatever they had done to 'deserve' it.

Probably only the musicians themselves know exactly how much danger they were in, but however much it was, thankfully it doesn't seem to have deterred them from participating, from which I would guess that they felt it was not much. As a reward for their courage and talent, they had the honour of featuring on one of the greatest, most innovative albums of the 20th C.