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Posted By: musicmick
02-Sep-12 - 06:52 PM
Thread Name: CD Reviewer accepting Trad entries
Subject: RE: CD Reviewer accepting Trad entries
Mr. Spleen Cringe (Oh, I hope that's his real name) gave a lucid comment and desrves reply. You suggest that a critic's responsability is to the reader, not the performer. Well, that kind of depends on the product. A movie or drama critic deals with a mass audience, who might avoid a film or play that has been panned. The critic's objections will be in conflict with the producers advertising budget so his might be the only voice in opposition. (Let's hear it for James Agee and Walter Kerr)
The entries I receive are not national releases with national release advertising funds. They are, usually, submitted by artists reletively unknown in this area. (My delight is introducing the best of these artists to the Philadelphia market. I love what I do.)
Critics like to pontificate. I may have lapsed into that on occasion, but I never forget that mine may be an informed opinion but so what?
It is, when all is said and done, just my taste and just my ear. Some of my favorite books and movies were not universally reviewed.
But my readers know that, if I say I liked a CD, I realy liked it.
(OK, I cut Seamus Kennedy a break but he paid for the beer)