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10-Sep-12 - 01:39 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: My Home's in Montana
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: My Home's in Montana
I remember there being a refrain to this song. But I couldn't find it any where so I wrote one. If you play you can get the gist of it.

MY HOME'S IN MONTANA Traditional Cowboy tune    G

G                                C
My home's in Montana, I wear a bandana,
G           D                C      D7 G        
Spurs of silver, my pony is bay.
G                                C
While riding the ranges my luck never changes,
                G         D7         G
Foot in my stirrups I gallop away.
G                                C
When valleys are dusty my pony is trusty,
G                          D             C          D7   G        
Lopes through the blizzards, snow in his ears.
G                                C
The cattle may scatter but what does it matter
                G           D7                 G
My rope's a halter for pig-headed steers.

G                                   C
When far from the ranches I cut the pine branches
                G               C          D7          G        
Lay out a bed as daylight grows pale.
G                                C
When I have partaken of beans and of bacon
                 G                    D                   G                
I whistle a old, merry song on the trail.


I learned how to lasso
Way down in El Paso
I follow the cattle
Where ever they roam.
Yeah, I ride the ranges
But my luck never changes
       C           Am                    D        
But still Montana's my home.
My skin's rough as leather,
Made tough by the weather;
Rain, sleet and snow
Where ever I roam.
The wind up and bites me
And my gal she still writes
       C                           Am         D                        
And tells me Montana's my home.