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Posted By: Peter Kasin
14-Nov-00 - 03:49 AM
Thread Name: WWII Memorial, finally!
Subject: RE: WWII Memorial, finally!
I'm with you on that soapbox, Banjer. For some reason, it has taken a long time for the WWII generation to be recognized for their sacrifices. It is striking, but not surprising, that many of them just went about their lives all these years, not making a big fuss about their involement in the war. It seems to attest to their sense of duty - that it was something that they were called to do, and they just did it. Maybe that's why there hasn't been a huge lobbying effort from them to get a memorial, at least until recent years. But - your point is very well taken. They shouldn't have had to lobby for one at all. It should have just been done. It's not very pleasant to think that many of these veterans will no longer be with us when the memorial is completed. At least, there will also be some who will be alive to see it. My late father was a Navy SeaBee in the South Pacific theatre. Good thread, Banjer.