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Posted By: GUEST,matt milton
12-Sep-12 - 06:16 AM
Thread Name: Better than John Fahey?
Subject: RE: Better than John Fahey?
Personally I think Blackshaw's boring as hell. I don't think he even really has much in common with Fahey, though he's clearly influenced by him.

Blackshaw just does a very clean, very virginal kind of post-Terry Riley, post-Penguin Cafe orchestra minimalism. It sounds very ECM, very Wyndham Hill in its sensibility. There's no dirt, no rough edges. There's none of Fahey's bluesiness or quirkiness.

I also don't even think Blackshaw's that amazing as a player: he never takes any risks, just sticks to the same thing all the time. There's almost no ryththm to his playing, no syncopation, it's all relentless right-hand arpeggios.

I love John Fahey for the humour in his playing, the earthiness, the syncopation: it's like Fahey swallowed and wholly absorbed the Harry Smith Anthology the way Bill Badley in Black Books swallowed the Little Book Of Calm.

There are loads of interesting fingerstyle acostic guitar players who are influenced by the Fahey school right now who make much more interesting music than Blackshaw: Michael Rossiter, Jason Steel, C Joynes, Wooden Spoon, Richard Leo Johnson to name but a few.