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Posted By: Bobert
13-Sep-12 - 09:01 AM
Thread Name: Better than John Fahey?
Subject: RE: Better than John Fahey?
"Spacey" as in "space case"... In other words, not too focused... John was a great technician and had the potential to be a great geetar player... With that said, he would lose his concentration and take risks that tended to bust up his songs... Okay, I'll give him credit for generally figuring a way to solve his own screw-ups and make it seem like he meant to do it that way... I saw him live many times and witnessed it over and over...

But beyond that, he really didn't respect other musicians or the audience... I heard him at Wolftrap in No. Virginia begin his set by announcing, "I'm just gonna jam a little and if ya'll don't like it I don't give a shit"... That's not the way to endear yourself to people who have paid $$$ to hear you... It was this belligerence that marker Fahey in the Washington, D.C. area that folks who saw him more than once knew all about...

I'm sorry that he had problems... We all have problems... If I can't give 100% then I'm not going to take the man's $$$ to perform in the man's joint... That's called professionalism... In that respect. John did not behave as a professional... IMHO...