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Posted By: Little Hawk
14-Nov-00 - 12:27 PM
Thread Name: BS: Abortion: Here we go PART 2
Subject: RE: BS: Abortion: Here we go PART 2
Hi Troll,

I get your concern re: "From what you say, Little Hawk, the man has no rights and no say in whether the pregnancy that HE is half-partner in, is terminated. Does he also then have no responsibility as regards contraception or assistance if the pregnancy is NOT terminated?"

Yeah, sure, the man has plenty of right to make his feelings and concerns felt about it. And the woman should certainly give those feelings full consideration. Both partners have equal responsibility regarding contraception. Both partners' wishes should receive a great deal of consideration...and would in a healthy relationship. I'm simply saying that the FINAL decision belongs to the woman, that's all.

I haven't met any woman who was eager to have an abortion. I have known more than a few who RELUCTANTLY resorted to an abortion, because of various reasons, such as extreme poverty, for instance.

I know there are religious arguments against it, but that all depends on what your religious understanding is...which means...who have you been listening to and taking as infallible authority. I listen to "the still small voice within" which is exactly what Jesus advised people to do. I hope that a woman in an extremeties has the courage to do her own thinking and not let some external authority decide for her what is right or wrong.

I do not regard the traditional churches or the evangelical churches as legitimate representatives of Jesus' teachings...quite the contrary. Nor do I regard the Bible as an infallible, literal record of his teachings, although it is a very useful and inspired book in a number of ways.

- LH