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Posted By: Bill D
14-Nov-00 - 12:46 PM
Thread Name: WWII Memorial, finally!
Subject: RE: WWII Memorial, finally!
Memorials are usually the product of a one or a few individuals pressing the issue and getting to the right committees at the right moment.....and that can take years. Also, from the films I have seen and stories I have read, WWII was very well memorialized in the many books, films, and general public contentment that followed the war...also Korea happened just a few years later, and distracted our attention again.

I strongly suspect that it was the success of the Vietnam memorial and a couple of others recently that made building memorials a popular idea...I agree that 50 years is a bit long to wait, but I do think that the perspective that we gain from SOME waiting makes it clearer what need to be done and what needs to be emphasized....else we'd have monuments to the troops in Grenada and Ethiopia already which would be tacky. Even the Gulf War needs more time to decide whether or not that strange episode NEEDS a monument......

In Wash DC, there are MANY smaller statues, paintings, plaques, etc. honoring aspects of WWII....(the entire Pentagon is one HUGE reminder of what a nation can do in a short time!)....I do hope this new memorial is tasteful and well-received.