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Posted By: gnu
16-Sep-12 - 04:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: NFL 2012/13
Subject: RE: BS: NFL 2012/13
Oh my fuck. Not only do I not believe what just happened in Patsland but... I'll just say I am losing my interest in the NFL at a great rate a fuckin nauts. That was shit. Plain, obvious shit. How the fuck do you throw a game in broad daylight SO Many times IN 60 fuckin minutes and expect fans to tune in next week? I feel 8 years old again and the big kid just nailed me in the nuts with the puck. IS EVERY FUCKIN SPORT FIXED FER FUCK SAKE?

We just found out that MLS is (well, HAS been) fixed. I just watched the Owskis throw a game... unless they just coudn't handle the pressure and came apart?

Sorry but that is they way I feel. If I didn't see it right, and someone believes I am wrong, maybe... oh, nevermind... I was thinking about spending more time in the kitchen anyway. I decide what *I* fix for eats in my kitchen.

Did I say, "Oh my fuck."?

Biscuits... yeah... fresh biscuits, molasses, fried ham and eggs... I wonder who is playing later.