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Posted By: Hoblander
20-Sep-12 - 03:15 PM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: My Eldorado (Graeme Miles)
Subject: ADD: My Eldorado (Graeme Miles)
Hello again
for all the Graeme Miles fans out there, I thought I would give you the lyrics as they appear in "Songscapes". I am not implying that anyone is singing the wrong version, because " My Eldorado" has had, like lots of Graeme's songs, many versions over the years since he first wrote the song. He refines and changes the words to many songs, and the folk process also makes it's mark. How many of us have gone back to the source material of a song we have been singing for years and find we have change words and even lines of the song that we thought we knew so well. So here goes

(Graeme Miles)

Yes I had hopes like we all have hopes
Of what I'd be and what I'd do
But as my youth first bloomed then faded
So all those hopes just vanished too

I never found my Eldorado
I never walked those silver STRANDS
I never saw those gold pagodas
Nor held a sunrise in my hand
But I still dream and dream and dream
So I'll just dream another dream.
I was a kid just a scruffy kid
But I held the world in my grubby hand
But then that world turned into water
Trickled through my fingers into the sand
I never etc.,
The terraced streets were my Grand Canyons
The shipyard cranes were my redwood trees
Those steelworks tips were my mountain ranges
And the brickyard ponds were my Seven Seas
I never etc.,
The public bar was full of sailors
Such tales they told of distant shores
But I just found the darkest corner
Put down my glass walked out the door
I never etc.,

I think "The terraced streets were my Grand Canyons" has got to be one of the best song lines ever written. Hey ho, get out there and sing 'em because there are about 200 songs unpublished, but we will try to get them to you in some format in the future.
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