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14-Nov-00 - 10:24 PM
Thread Name: Proper Music?
Subject: RE: Proper Music?
I don't for a moment doubt the value of theory,reading and scale practice I practice and study these things constantly but I learned to play by ear and would never place theory before the actual practice of music.Jazz is a good example of a form of music that requires intense study and copious dollops of theoretical knowledge but unlike the Classical musician the Jazzer isn't confined by the bars of the musical staff.A classical musician is expected to perform the music as written and this musically conservative demand seriously limits musical creativity without which there would be no more new music.The traditional musician among others is free to embellish and ornament the existing music or even to create completely new pieces.Of course there are musically adventurous musicians in any field but Classical music by nature is conservative and unoriginal flawless execution of the set in stone score is its raison d'etre, as someone once said it is the musical equivalent of necrophilia.Give me the freedom of the fingers over the confinement of the crotchets any day;)