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Posted By: BobKnight
23-Sep-12 - 09:16 AM
Thread Name: Req. Songs about Buses
Subject: Lyr Add: I SAW HER ON THE BUS (R. Knight)
I have a song about a man who sees his old girlfriend on a bus. It's called, "I Saw Her On The Bus Yesterday."

I Saw Her On The Bus
Copyright R. Knight 23/1/08

I saw her on the bus yesterday,
As she got on and sat twa or three seats in front o' me.
And I wondered if I spoke what she micht say,
But I thocht better o' it and sat there quietly.
As she looked oot I studied her reflection in the glass,
And thocht sometimes an auld love, is best left in the past.

This wis the face that I once kent sae weel,
The face o' my first love that once meant everything tae me.
And here the lips that kissed me tenderly,
That smiled on me sae sweetly, and spoke o' love tae me.
As bonnie as she ever wis, the years had been sae kind,
But sometimes auld regrets, are best left far behind.

And sitting there I cast my memory back across the years,
And wondered how a love like oors had come tae end in tears.
For even efter a' the years gone by,
There's a special place, within my hairt, I'll keep for her until the day I die.

I could see a wee bit grey in her hair,
The hair sae dark and lustrous that once framed her face sae fair.
And I wondered whit she'd think if I sat there,
Wi' her twa seats behind me, but wid she really care.
Or wid her hairt beat faster as mine did fin I saw her,
And think sometimes auld memories are best left whaur they were.

Then a' too soon she got up tae leave,
I watched as she got aff the bus and stood there in the street.
As the bus began tae move she noticed me,
A casual glance, that caught my eye, surprised, she smiled sweetly.
Then she reached oot her hand and touched the glass as I passed by,
And I watched her in the distance, 'til she faded oot o' sight.

I dinna s'pose ye'll understand, it's so hard tae explain,
But I couldnae tak the chance that I micht fa' in love again,
For even efter a' these years gone by,
There's a special place, within my hairt, I'll keep for her until the day I die.

Repeat: Until the day I die.