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Posted By: Artful Codger
26-Sep-12 - 05:56 PM
Thread Name: Origins: The Hunting Day / Fine Hunting Day
Subject: RE: Origins: The Hunting Day / Fine Hunting Day
The EFDSS Take Six site has a music manuscript from Sabine Baring Gould (SBG/3/13/9C) titled "Hunting song No.2" with no words except on the final line: "For we'll all go a-hunting today". I haven't hummed out the tune, but on the basis of these words I suspect it's a variant of "The Hunting Day". They give it a Roud no. 1172; the other entry on the site with the same Roud number, however, is an entirely different song, "Tally Ho" (GG/1/21/1371, from George Gardiner): "Oh the huntsman now is blowing his horn, Tally Ho, Hark away." Those lyrics do not contain the line given by Baring Gould.

On the Yorkshire Ramblers Club site: "Club Song" by Claude E. Benson, set to the tune "'Tis a fine hunting day" and obviously adapted from the same text.