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Posted By: GUEST,Anne Renshaw
27-Sep-12 - 09:35 AM
Thread Name: Req. Songs about Buses
Subject: Lyr Add: THE NUMBER 37
I wrote a song called 'The Number 37' about the Edinburgh bus I use a lot. I recorded it on my debut album 'Awakening' and if you want to hear a wee clip go onto Coda's online shop. I believe Hamish Imlach also used to sing a song called 'The 37 bus' but that I think is a Glasgow bus. Here are the lyrics to my song about the Edinburgh one -


CH The number 37 it is a braw, big bus
    It'll tak ye doon tae Princes Street withoot a lot o' fuss
    It has a bright, blue top on it so ye ken whaur it's come frae.
    It's come frae bonnie Penicuik by way o' Liberton Brae.

But dinnae try tae get it 'tween half past seven and nine,
It's choc fu' o' commuters and they like tae grump and whine.
Ye'll huvtae staun' and haud oan tight tae the nearest thing tae hand,
But mak' sure it's a pole ye grab or ye'll end up gettin' banned.
The windaes get a' steamy frae folks' infectious breath,
So dinnae breathe in deeply jist incase ye catch yer death.
The seats are sometimes dirty and covered ower wi' crumbs
And affen they're still really warm frae ither peoples' bums.

The bairn that kicks and kicks yer seat will start tae greet an' bawl
And drunks will stagger doon the stairs and then trip ower and fall.
There's aye a wife wi' shoppin' wha struggles tae her seat,
An' guaranteed she'll sit by you and drap it oan yer feet.
In summer come the tourists frae each Minto Street hotel.
They nivver hae the money right but think oor country's SWELL!
They want tae find the castle and tae climb up Arthur's Seat
But bus routes get them a' confused and maps aye have them beat.

It shoogles ower potholes and shudders tae a halt
And if it starts awa' real fast it's no the driver's fault.
He's tryin' tae beat the number 7 'cos it would never dae,
Tae let it get in front again and then get in his way.
It has its own timetable and comes quite frequently
But sometimes there are nane at a' an' sometimes there are three!
There's aye yin o' yon fancy signs that tell ye when it's due
But they dinnae tell ye where tae chinge an' get a 42!

Anne R